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CDI Torque 1503MFRMH 1/2" Drive, 20-150 Ft. Lb. Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrench - Metal Handle
CDI Torque 1503MFRMH 1/2" Drive, 20-150 Ft. Lb. Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrench - Metal Handle

CDI Torque 1503MFRMH 1/2" Drive, 20-150 Ft. Lb. Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrench - Metal Handle

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Part Number:CDI1503MFRMH


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Metal Handle Dual Scale. The metal handle series offers the user a rugged, industrial strength torque wrench able to withstand the rigors of professional use. Handles are lightly knurled for a tough, non-slip grip.


  • Dual scale, calibrated dual direction
  • Positive lock with spring loaded pull down lock ring
  • Fast, accurate and easy to set
  • Easy-to-read laser marked scales
  • Most feature quick release buttons which provide good socket retention as well as easy socket removal
  • Accuracy: ± 4% CW ± 6% CCW of indicated value, CW, from 20% to 100% of full scale
  • Individually serialized with matching certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T.

    Product CodeDriveEnglishIncr.NmIncr.ABCDWt.
     SizeRange  Range In.In.In.In.Lbs.
    501MRMH1/4"10-50 in. lb.0.51.4 - 5.4 Nm0.510.151.060.931.060.85
    1501MRMH1/4"20-150 Nm0.1210.151.060.931.060.90
    1502MRMH3/8"20-150 in. lb.12.8 - 15.3 Nm0.1210.151.060.931.060.90
    2002MRMH3/8"30-200 in. lb.14.0 - 22.0 Nm0.1210.151.060.931.060.85
    2502MRMH3/8"30-250 in. lb.14.0 - 27.7 Nm0.1211.251.060.931.060.95
    7502MRMH3/8"100-750 in. lb.514.1 - 81.9 Nm0.616.001.431.201.402.50
    10002MRMH3/8"150-1000 in. lb.519.8 - 110.2 Nm0.616.001.431.201.402.50
    25003MRMH1/2"300-2500 in. lb.1039.6 - 276.9 Nm1.218.001.701.401.403.20
    752MFRMH3/8"5-75 ft. lb.0.510.2 - 98.3 Nm0.716.001.431.201.402.50
    1002MFRMH3/8"10-100 ft. lb.0.516.9 - 132.2 Nm0.716.001.431.201.402.55
    1503MFMH1/2"20-150 ft lb.134 - 197 Nm1.419.001.701.401.403.15
    1503MFRMH1/2"20-150 ft. lb.134 - 194 Nm1.419.001.701.401.403.15
    2503MFRMH1/2"30-250 ft. lb.147 - 332 Nm1.424.401.701.401.403.15
    4004MFRMH3/4"80-400 ft. lb.585 - 491 Nm3.434.252.502.101.4010.30
    4504MFRMH3/4"75-450 ft. lb.5119 - 593 Nm3.4034.252.502.101.4010.30
    5004MFMH3/4"100-500 ft lb.5169 - 779 Nm6.842.002.521.1511.85
    6004MFRMH3/4"100-500 ft. lb.5169 - 779 Nm6.842.002.502.001.1511.85
    10005MFRMH*1"200-1000 ft. lb.5305 - 1322 Nm6.870.
    20005MFMHSS**1"300-2000 ft. lb.10N/AN/A108.503.154.251.6548.75
    20005MFMH1"300-2000 ft. lb.10474-264314108.503.154.251.6548.75
    **NOTE: 10005MFRMH supplied with one extension handle and is packed in a metal box.      
    **NOTE: 20005MFMHSS (English scale only) supplied with two extension handles, fixed/non-ratcheting head and is packed  in a sturdy cardboard box.


    Country of Origin: US

    Download Snap-on Catalog PDF File (Page 111)


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