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CDI Torque 2503TAA-CDI 1/2" Torque & Angle Electronic Torque Wrench
CDI Torque 2503TAA-CDI 1/2" Torque & Angle Electronic Torque Wrench

CDI Torque 2503TAA-CDI 1/2" Torque & Angle Electronic Torque Wrench

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The CDI Torque and Angle Electronic Wrench incorporates 21st Century Technology in a simple to use digital wrench. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the torque professional where torque plus angle is required. It features three units of torque, ft.lbs. In.lbs. and Nm as well as the angle mode.The Torque and Angle wrench allows the technician to apply a specific torque load, followed by the angle specification, all in one convenient wrench. It features a three LED light bar and audible buzzer. As the angle mode is a separate function, the wrench can also be used as a stand alone digital torque wrench.


  • Gyro chip senses 360° of movement, and is accurate to within +/- 3.8°
  • No maintenance, just change batteries at 80 hours
  • VERY easy to set up and use quickly
  • Red LED alerts user when over ranged
  • Digital torque measurement and digital angle measurement in one convenient package
  • Ergonomic non-slip cushion grip
  • 15% Flex Ratchet head
  • Long battery life, uses two CR123 lithium batteries
  • Convenient, push button socket release ratchet head3 step
  • LED visual signal system: Yellow Light = approaching target torque Green Light = target torque reached
  • Red Light = over torque indicatorN.I.S.T. traceable certificate of calibration included


Product CodeDriveFt. Lb.In. Lb.NmAngleIn. (mm)Lbs. (kgs)
1002TAA-CDI3/8"10 - 100120 - 120012.6-135.60-360°17 (432)2.2-1
2503TAA-CDI1/2"25 - 250300 - 300033.8 - 3380-360°27 (686)3.5-1.59


The certification of accuracy provided per ASME and ISO Standards
is 20% to 100% of full scale.

Country of Origin: US

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